It all started with Abuela Benita in 1975, when she taught her grand daugther (Arwa) how to make her first Arepa. Since then, Arwa's love for family and food have been evident in everything she does.  From small dinners with the family, to large get togethers with friends...you will always find her entertaining and expressing her love towards others with her cooking.

For several years, L'Arepa has been nothing more than a fun idea expressed by Arwa's family everytime she made Arepas. As the bowl of cheese was passed around and the Arepas were sliced and ready to be stuffed, Arwa's family would discuss menu ideas and logo colors. They even faught about whether they should order scoop neck or v-neck tshirts. 

Today...that fun idea has turned into an exciting reality. 

We hope you will share Arwa's love for all things food and family. 

Buen Provecho!